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Buy Microsoft Office 2010 Now (Best Deals)

If you want to buy Microsoft Office 2010 (any edition) at the cheapest price, you had come to the right place. This article will also discuss which edition of Office 2010 that is most suitable for you.

As you may know, Microsoft Office 2010 is a comprehensive system of programs, services and solutions for all levels of computer users.

To meet the varying needs of individuals and organizations, Microsoft offers five different Office 2010 suites:

¨       Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student(Disc version) – suitable for student and entry-level home users, offering the traditional applications for creating documents, worksheets, presentations, and workbooks.

¨       Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business(Disc version) – suite to the basic applications used by small business and home users. This edition includes Excel 2010, Outlook 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Word 2010 and OneNote 2010.

¨       Microsoft Office 2010 Professional(Disc version) – is designed for the business user who needs all the power of the traditional applications as well as access to data management tools. This edition includes Excel 2010, Outlook 2010, PowerPoint 2010, Word 2010, Access 2010, Publisher 2010 and OneNote 2010.

¨       Microsoft Office 2010 Standard – It removes Access 2010 from the mix. It offers users who work with documents, worksheets, marketing materials, presentations, notebooks, and of course e-mail and schedules.

¨       Microsoft Office 2010 Professional Plus – suitable for the high-end user who collaborates with others, manages data, and needs flexibility, mobility, and coauthoring capabilities.

The Office Web Apps is available with Office Standard and Office Professional Plus, and available to the general public through Windows Live, are online versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote. You can store documents online and work with them from within any Web browser window by using the Office Web Apps.

Note: The Office 2010 Standard and Professional Plus only available via volume licensing. So, for individual that you wish to get Office 2010 online, you cannot get these 2 editions.


Buy Microsoft Office 2010 – Disc or Product Key Card?

If you want to buy Microsoft Office 2010, you have 2 options: The traditional disc version or product key cards.

The traditional disc version of Office 2010 includes the software on a DVD disc, with a product key. Use the disc to install Office 2010 and the Office 2010 product key is available on the case to install and activate Office 2010.

A Product Key Card provides another way to purchase Office with a PC. It includes a 25-character Product Key designed to activate Office 2010 on a preloaded PC.

Here are the Office 2010 Product Key Card Features:

¨       Includes 25-character Office 2010 Product Key only, no disc.

¨       Designed to activate Office on 1 PC preloaded with Office 2010 suites. For a limited time, customers buying a PC without Office 2010 preloaded, can download the software at

¨       Licensed for 1 install on single PC only.

¨       License cannot be transferred to another PC.

¨       Download backup copy is available at


The Office 2010 Product Key Card is recommended for:

¨       Customers buying a PC who need Office for new PC only; don’t need to upgrade other home PCs.

¨       Customers buying a PC who don’t require DVD disc and/or are okay downloading the Office 2010 online (if Office not preloaded).

¨       Customers buying a new PC (best experience if customer simply uses the Product Key to activate a PC already preloaded with Office 2010 suites)

¨       For customers who require Microsoft Office Home and Student 2010 with a license for three machines in the same household, Office may be purchased in a traditional disc version.

Buy Microsoft Office 2010 that is Most Suitable for You and Get the Best Deals Now!

Where to buy Office 2010 at the best deals? That’s a really important question.  You want to be sure that you’re getting a really good deal.  So I’ve done some extensive research and found it to be

If you are entry level user or finding the cheapest edition of Office 2010, then I suggest you get Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Student(Product key card).

If you are more experience user and required Outlook 2010 in your daily tasks, then you better go for Microsoft Office 2010 Home and Business (Product key card).

If you are advanced user, I recommend you go for Microsoft Office 2010 Professional (Product key card).